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Frequently Asked Questions About Gelato

Q: What’s the difference between gelato and traditional ice cream?

A: nick’s gelato™ is made with 4-8% butterfat, which means it’s a healthier alternative to ice cream’s 12-18% butterfat content. The creaminess of our gelato comes from the density, rather than fat. When our gelato is made in batch freezers, it’s spun at a much slower speed than traditional ice cream. This means there’s very little added air whipped in. Because of the density, our gelato weighs twice as much as most ice creams – each 5-liter pan weighs 8 pounds.

Q: How is nick’s gelato™ different than other brands on the market today?

A: Throughout the country there are many gelato makers. Top chefs have perfected the recipes using artisan-style production methods. nick’s gelatoTM is made fresh with all-natural, authentic ingredients using no mixes, gels or artificial ingredients. This means our great colors and intense flavors come from actual fruits, roasted nuts, spices, liqueurs, imported chocolates and vanillas, coffees and teas. Our chefs use the old-fashioned methods that artisans from centuries ago used. The gelato is produced in a batch freezer, so unlike continuous freezers, the batch process allows the chef to use whole fruits and nuts. Though more labor-intensive, they can be hands-on in the production of each and every pan, cup or bucket. This process has led to more than 800 delicious flavors and an unlimited number of custom blends.

Q: What is the yield on each pan of gelato?

A: You’ll get about 33 four-ounce scoops from each 5-liter pan of gelato. Each standard gelato box, or Traypack, contains approximately 450 ounces. As an example, if you account for complimentary customer tastings and sell at a retail price of $3.29 for a 4-ounce serving, you’ll bring in close to $110.00 per pan of gelato or around $330.00 per Traypack. If you sell only 10 Traypacks (30 pans) of gelato per month from a 12-flavor gelato dipping display case (at $3.29 per 4-oz. cup), you’ll realize revenue of over $3,000! In a good location with a creative display and clean gelato pans, this is very easy to attain. Many of our businesses go through much more than 10 Traypacks per month.

Q: Are there other ways to serve gelato?

A: Yes. You can serve gelato the traditional way in a cup with a small “shovel-type” spoon, in a cone or as a milkshake. Also, by adding a 5-cent wafer wedge or wafer straw and a shot of espresso, you can usually charge an additional dollar.

You should also consider selling pints and quarts of gelato in your store. If you have a particular flavor that isn’t moving too fast, you can scoop the gelato into containers, freeze them and sell them that way. Your customers are sure to love taking conveniently packaged amounts home with them.

Q: What makes a successful gelato display?

A: Although some businesses choose to convert ice cream dip cabinets to fit the 5-liter gelato pans, it’s usually not a permanent solution. To begin with, gelato is best served at a warmer temperature (4° to 6° F) than traditional ice cream (-10° F). This is accomplished best by using a true gelato case, one that uses forced air ventilation rather than sidewall cooling. Additionally, in a gelato display case, the product is physically positioned higher in the case than ice cream. Your customers will not need to look down into your case to see the gelato; it will be seen from across your store! Not only is the presentation impressive when displayed properly, the true dipping case will maintain a consistent temperature throughout using forced air ventilation. You won’t be able to accomplish the task as well using a converted ice cream cabinet. You’ll usually get warm or cold spots that will make it hard to maintain the consistency and presentation of your gelato.

Q: How should I present my gelato?

A: Customers who first view a properly stocked gelato case usually respond with a delightful gasp. They’ll certainly be pleased with your gelato arrangement in a true gelato dipping case that uses forced air ventilation. Keeping your gelato pans full is a very important part of your presentation and sales. Gelato is scooped with a spatula or spade from the back (server side) to the front of the pan. Always keep the gelato “fluffed up” with the spade for best presentation. These are important points to remember when maintaining your gelato display case. Our experience indicates that if a customer views a gelato case that’s not kept neat, clean and full of gelato, it ultimately results in lower sales because the “WOW” effect is diminished.

Q: Can I get advertising materials that define what gelato is and its benefits?

A: Yes. We can provide a source of generic and/or personalized ideas for advertisement signs, brochures, table tents, banners, etc. The more you advertise both inside and outside your business the more customers you’ll bring in.

Q: How can I best educate my customers about gelato?

A: ADVERTISE and use (and think about posting) these talking points.

  • Gelato originated in Italy
  • There are different regions in Italy that use different techniques to produce gelato
  • nick’s gelato™ is normally made using artisan-style (from scratch) methods the Veneto (Northern Italy) way
  • Our gelato is made from scratch with the finest natural and raw ingredients
  • nick’s gelato™ has no artificial powders, pastes, gels, colorings or flavorings
  • Gelato has less fat and fewer calories than traditional ice cream
  • When gelato is produced, the ingredients are mixed more slowly than traditional ice cream which results in a denser product without adding in whipped air
  • Gelato is served at a higher temperature than ice cream which results in a soft and creamier texture
  • The extra fat in traditional ice cream masks the true flavors of the natural ingredients in nick’s gelato™
  • Sorbetto is a great alternative for customers who desire less or no dairy
  • Gelato is traditionally served in various sized cups with small shovel-type spoons

Q: How do I get started?

A: Please select the tab on our website labeled How To Start.

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