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Gelato Packaging Options

Standard Size ("Traypacks")

The standard size boxes are by far the most popular and economical. Each of these boxes, called "Traypacks", contains three 5-liter plastic pan inserts full of delicious gelato or sorbetto. The three pans are all the same flavor and together weigh about 25 pounds. For example, one box of Mango sorbetto contains three 5-liter pans of Mango.

A Traypack contains 450 ounces of product and a plastic pan insert (150 ounces each) can easily be placed directly into your stainless steel gelato pans in your display case. Also, all of the fresh ingredients are equally distributed throughout the pan. When you’re scooping through a pan of Banana Caramel Praline, you won’t have to worry about supplying additional pralines on top. You’ll see there are equal amounts from the top to the bottom. When you’ve scooped through roughly half of the first pan, you’ll use a spatula or spade to transfer the remaining gelato onto the top of a brand new replacement pan. You always want your case to look refreshed and bountiful.

pans for gelato packaging
5-Liter Pan Insert - 150oz.
(6.5" wide x 14" long x 5" deep)
traypacks for gelato packagin
Traypack - 3 pans for total of 450 oz.
(14.5" wide x 20.5" long x 5" deep)

Pre-Pack Sizes

If you own a small grocery store, deli or pizza shop, your customers will love taking conveniently packaged amounts of natural gelato home with them. We deliver four different sizes: Quarts, Pints, 4-oz. or 6-oz.

Gelato Quart and Pint Packaging
Quart and Pint
gelato packaging
4-oz. Cups

Other Sizes

We also offer restaurant-style plastic tubs and buckets. Tubs contain 172 ounces. Buckets have 2.5 gallons.

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