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Gelato Supplies - Cups, Spoons, Pans, & More

Here’s a list of supplies we offer. Although we generally concentrate on distributing the best gelato in the country, we want to be sure to offer the right materials to get a successful gelato business started.

nick's gelato™ offers natural gelato and sorbetto as well as related products such as cups, spoons, lids, spatulas, and gelato pans. While we prefer to concentrate our efforts on selling these products, we realize you may be in need of gelato cases or entire cafe displays for your store. Below are a few of the many authentic Italian gelato cases and full cafes we recommend. The cases range from a smaller 6-pan case to a 24-pan professional case while cafe designs are numerous.

Most of these are imported from the manufacturer "Frigomeccanica," Palazzolo's Italian partner, who custom-build and design cafes they install for businesses throughout Italy. Let us assist you in dazzling your customers with these beautiful pieces! Rest assured you'll be purchasing gelato cases and cafes that have a history of outlasting the competition with minimal maintenance.

Download our full list of Gelato Supplies Here.

Display Options

  • Gelato Dipping Case. Although some business owners opt to convert ice cream dipping cabinets, it’s usually only a temporary solution. Gelato is best served at a warmer temperature than ice cream. The main function of a true gelato case is to maintain a consistent temperature throughout. This is accomplished using forced air ventilation. Converted ice cream cabinets get their cooling from the sidewalls and cannot accomplish the task to display the warmer gelato properly.
  • Freezer Display Case. If your business is a small grocery store or if you have space constraints, you may consider selling pints and quarts of gelato and displaying them in a freezer case with a window.

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