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So, What is Gelato?

Choose from a huge variety of outstanding ice cream flavors, including delicious gelato and Italian sorbetto. nick's gelato blows the competition away with its smooth, rich, and creamy texture!

Delicious Gelato & Italian Sorbetto

When gelato is made in a batch freezer, it is spun at a much slower speed than traditional ice cream. Therefore, there's very little added air whipped in. Gelato weighs twice as much as most ice creams (each of our 5-liter pans weighs about 8 pounds). To our customers, it's worth its weight in gold!

Most commercial ice creams have a 60-120% overrun. Overrun is the trade term used to quantify the amount of air in any ice cream product (100% overrun is 50% air). Our gelato has no more than a 20% overrun, leaving a denser and creamier Italian ice cream. With less air, there's no need to use a high butterfat cream to create a smooth finish. To the palate, the end result is pure and full of flavor.

No Dipping Loss!

When a server scoops from a pan of high-air ice cream, they press out that air, causing dipping loss. Due to the low air in our products, there is next to no dipping loss. Additionally, our gelato pans yield about 33 four- ounce scoops, so compared to traditional ice cream you get about 8-10 more scoops per pan.

What is Sorbetto?

Sorbetto is a blend of fresh fruit and fruit juices with no added butterfat. However, there is a hint of cream used in our sorbetto when the packaged quantity exceeds one quart (less than 1 gram per 4-ounce serving). This allows the server to scoop the sorbetto more easily when it's being dipped from a case full of gelato.

As with all of Palazzolo's ingredients, each piece of fruit is carefully selected for perfection. Only true, raw ingredients are used to ensure our sorbetto tastes clean and fresh. No oils are used, only the real fruits and juices.

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