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Why offer Gelato?

It’s a profitable addition.

Many of our customers’ businesses are seeing up to 35% of their store’s sales coming from our gelato.

It’s a healthier option to traditional ice cream.

nick’s gelato™ is made with 4-8% butterfat, which means it’s a lower fat alternative to ice cream’s 12-18% butterfat content. The creaminess of our gelato comes from its' density.

Natural gelato is more robust tasting than traditional ice cream.

The extra fat in traditional ice cream masks the true flavors of the natural ingredients in nick’s gelato™. The reason why traditional ice cream requires more fat is due to air content. Unlike conventional ice cream producers, our gelato is not made by unnecessarily whipping in extra air. By using less air, we don’t have to use greasy, heavy additives to improve the texture. The creamy goodness of the gelato comes from its density, not from unhealthy added fats.

It’s a trendy addition to any business.

Many people today are seeking out gelato over regular ice cream. It’s clear they’re looking for a creamier and healthier version of one of America’s favorite sweet indulgences.

Adds to your in-store appeal.

Customers who enter your store will see it immediately. Use of a properly displayed case will immediately foster your customer’s curiosity. A true gelato case will display the gelato through a window in the front whereas traditional ice cream cases usually contain buckets deep within which requires your customer to look down into the case.

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